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Newport’s White Architectural Jewels

August 9, 2018

Perhaps it is because there are so few in a town noted for it’s stunning architectural diversity. But on a very late afternoon with a crystalline blue sky, at just…

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Summer Favorites: Hydrangeas and the Parterre Bench

August 2, 2018

There are many signatures that are associated with Newport —  magnificent crescent bay beaches; velvety lawns meeting the blue horizon of water; majestic trees adding grace to the streetscapes and…

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The Return of Downton Abbey

July 26, 2018

Is it just a coincidence that the announcement of Downton Abbey’s  return as a silver screen adaption is coming out a mere three to four weeks before Coaching Weekend returns…

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Dreamy Moments in the Garden

July 19, 2018

These dreamy moments are as much about the dreamy weather we’ve been having lately…cool nights and dry, warm days. They make a step into any garden that much more special,…

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Out and About with Private Newport

July 12, 2018

Whew, summer in Newport has seemed a long time in coming! But once that sun appeared and the breezes started, there was already a varied selection of guests, get togethers…

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Smell the Roses

July 5, 2018

Would they…or wouldn’t they? Roses, an always anticipated category in the Newport Flower Show, can keep us on pins and needles awaiting their bloom time. But they burst forth with…

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The Colors of Summer: The Parterre Bench

June 28, 2018

This post is a tribute to my mother, whose birthday was June 25th. A beautiful, kind, gracious, Southern belle, she just happened to adore Shirley poppies…which just happen to bloom…

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Postcards from Parterre’s Garden

June 21, 2018

This was certainly the year to take a few (no, a lot) of gulps as regards the garden. Rain, rain, rain. And just as I was thinking “good, yes, but…

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