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Living Newport: Houses, People, Style

by Bettie Bearden Pardee | Hardcover – ©2014

Newport Living cover

Newport, Rhode Island – celebrated for its stunning seascapes, famous mansions, Jazz Festival, annual Flower Show and world-class sailing – provides an enviable setting for a storied way of life. From Presidents to philanthropists, it is also known for the stylish residents who have summered and socialized here.

In this fabled town where privacy is a treasured asset, Living Newport showcases both the heirs of the old guard and the “new”Newport social set; tastemakers all, they have the means and the ability to live anywhere but choose this perennially-favored City by the Sea.

How does private Newport entertain, decorate, party, garden, dress? In elegant settings worthy of Masterpiece Theater, social pastimes, rituals and well-earned traditions play out in lush images with Newport’s exceptional old-world architecture as the centerpiece. Amusing tales and lively personal anecdotes capture the fresh twist to this distinctive lifestyle.

“What a stunning cover. I love the neutral of the statue with the coral of the hat…also that lively chapeau on a relic of the past implies ‘The fun continues. Come visit, enjoy Newport.’ Love it!”

“…each chapter is a vacation to one of my favorite places.”

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Private Newport: At Home and in the Garden

by Bettie Bearden Pardee | Hardcover – ©2004
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Newport, Rhode Island, blessed with stunning ocean vistas and constant sea breezes, is home to some of the most exceptional private residences in America. Its deeply rooted history makes it a perennial destination, with more than 3.5 million visitors each year.

Private Newport: At Home and in the Garden offers an invitation to venture beyond the privet hedges and massive iron gates. It is the first book to step inside the privately owned mansions to reveal a diverse collection of architectural jewels complemented by spectacular gardens.

These homes, created by distinguished architects and landscape designers, are stunning examples of Newport’s 375-year “old-world” heritage. Eighteen exquisite and unique homes are prominently featured-from the resilient crescent curve of majestic Seafair, which withstood the Hurricane of ’38, to the prizewinning Japanese garden at Wildacre, to the nostalgic working farm of heritage breeds at Swiss Village-each contributing its own part to the “Eden of America.”

“It is a perfect aid for expanding and deepening our appreciation of Newport’s style and beauty.”

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Newport in Flower: A History of Newport’s Horticultural Heritage

by Harriet Jackson Phelps (1979)
Second Edition, The Preservation Society of Newport County (2010) Hardcover –   |  164 pages
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Newport’s “Blue Garden” on the cover, was one of the most celebrated creations of the Golden Age of American Gardens.  Within these pages, twenty-seven other gardens record Newport’s creative talents during this period of the 1920s and ’30s. Some property names will be recognizable even today. Hammersmith Farm, summer home of Jacqueline Kennedy; Harbour Court, now the New York Yacht Club; the Elms, Chateau-Sur-Mer and Green Animals, holdings of The Preservation Society of Newport County, which welcome thousands of visitors a year.

Meticulously hand-painted on glass lantern slides, a now long-gone technology, the images in Newport in Flower offer inspiration for today’s gardeners. The rose arbor at Leroy King, the lily pond at Harbour Court, the hydrangea border at Vernon Court all speak to the on going fascination with gardens. The book’s slides are a small representation of the 3,000 garden and design images housed at the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Gardens.

This new edition of Harriet Jackson Phelps’ classic contains her original text, invaluable for its social history, ans slide selections (distinguished by their rounded corners.) A 21st century perspective is provided through new photographs accompanying many of the slides, taken by Mick Hales, a well known garden photographer. Though the gardens are, understandably, not as robust as they were seventy-five years ago, many of the original grounds are still intact, a resounding endorsement of land stewardship and preservation.

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Newport Poems

by Ernest Jasper Hinds | Hardcover- © 1942
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A collection of poems originally published in 1942 by Ernest Jasper Hinds… This book is dedicated to Newport, the beautiful, the beloved—to its history and its houses, its traditions and its trees, to its streets, and its ships, and to its spirit of sweet friendliness.”

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