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Make Your Own Wreath for the Holidays

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After the Christmas tree, wreaths seem to be that perennial holiday decoration that is most dear to everyone’s heart. And making your own wreath is part of many family’s cherished traditions, as it is with us. This year, when searching for some misplaced decorations in the attic, I came upon six hand painted wooden ornaments that I had purchased in India many years ago. They are so exquisite that I  knew immediately they would be the inspiration for my wreath this Christmas. How wonderfully they paired with the red beech branches which I’ve chosen to use throughout the house (and front door) as my theme for 2016. Adding clippings of Blue Atlas Cedar, whose icy blue color is as appealing as the evergreen fragrance, really capped off this wreath-making project.

What will inspire your wreath this year?



An already assembled grapevine wreath
Oasis green coated wire
Floral wire (24 gauge)
Strong clippers
Red painted beech twigs (use red gloss spray paint)
Blue Atlas Cedar branches
Alaskan Weeping Cedar branches
Winterberry branches
Small matte gold and silver ornaments
Large and small pinecones spray painted with gold and silver
Hand-painted wooden ornaments
 Red ribbon


1. Position blue atlas cedar around wreath and wire in place.


2. Repeat step one with red beech twigs and wire in place.


3. Scatter small matte ornaments and pinecones around the wreath.


4. Wire three pine cones together and attach to red ribbon; secure by tying the ribbon around the top of the wreath.


5. Add the “stars of the wreath” — the hand-painted wooden ornaments.


6. Finishing touches…the red winter berry twigs and the silk brocade bow atop the weeping cedar.


Please think of the enclosed “Holiday Checklist” as our early Christmas card to you! Merry, Merry.



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