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Holiday Dreaming: The Parterre Bench

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When the Parterre Bench was recently chosen as an engagement gift I was thrilled for many reasons. Celebrating a glorious milestone reminded me of the reason I had originally designed the Parterre Bench — to mark the publication of my first book, Private Newport.

How meaningful, too,  that the delivery was to be on the cusp of the holiday season. The selection of white for the color inspired so many captivating thoughts…of innocence and serenity, fresh beginnings, winter white and snowy landscapes.

That first soft snow of the season that reminds us of how pure and fanciful this gift from nature can be. And another nod to the gifts from nature, white butterflies…masters of metamorphosis…celebrating creation.

Photo Credit: Maaike Bernstrom

We wish you a season of joy and enchantment, in and out of the garden.

And in the New Year, when you are considering your next celebratory occasion, we do hope you’ll consider the Parterre Bench. A timeless treasure that evokes merriment, the beautifully-scaled hand-constructed bench can be customized with personal initials and paint selections.

Dream no longer & Inquire About The Parterre Bench

Photo Credit: Maaike Bernstrom

Snowy Wishes and Holiday Kisses!

Featured Image Credit, Maaike Bernstrom.
Styling by, Styled by Jenna.

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3 thoughts on “Holiday Dreaming: The Parterre Bench

  1. Bettie,
    As always exquisite and brings abundant CHEER.
    Looking forward to the next ones and a new year of all good things.

  2. The white bench with those beautiful butterflies is simply stunning. Very dreamlike. And I always adore that climbing vine going up the wall. xoxox

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