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Hydrangeas: Summer Favorites

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Hydrangeas are usually such an iconic flower in Newport but for the last two years (due to weather and other “acts of Mother Nature”) there has barely been a bloom in sight. The summer of 2017 is making up for lost time! At first I thought it was just Newport…but then I went to Nantucket. Theirs, too, looked as though they were on an overdose of Miracle Grow.

So here’s to summer!

A taste of Nantucket, where hydrangeas are to be found everywhere, within every landscape…

And a bit of Newport, where hydrangeas are treated more as accents.

Here’s to hydrangeas!

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8 thoughts on “Hydrangeas: Summer Favorites

  1. Thank you for this lovely blog! I love all your content and it takes me to a happy place filled with flowers and garden design, not to mention the garden parties. I am always there in spirit.

    1. I love that you’re always with us in spirit, Jackie. We’ll look forward to sharing with you twice a week, Bettie

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