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Newport “Before and After” the Blizzard, Part 2

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I was bemused by the fact that so many readers feel as I do about “Before and After” pictures. So I delved back into my cell phone images to present a part two to this very popular it’s-all-about-the-snow post. To lead off — the feature above of Bellevue Avenue, one of my very favorite from Living Newport. Never before or since have I seen another image that captures this famous street looking quite so magical and other worldly (thank you, again, dear David Thalmann).

And along this street you’ll find Parterre, where I have captured some perspectives that caught my attention. From the signature trees (a 105 year old Japanese maple)…

to beloved plant material (a rare weeping Chinese lilac…)

and the evergreen cotoneaster “love knot”…

to quirky and fun architectural elements,

to include the Pergola with a guest suite above (and the best garden view on the property).

While this is not from Parterre, it certainly fits into the category of quirky…a stone Alice-in-Wonderland carriage house (in town) trying its best to look like a castle.

I’m closing with what had been the feature of the first “Snow” post but it was missing its “before.” This is a particularly special garden angle to me because it is the view I enjoy each day from my office on the second floor.

Aaah, the beauty of Newport, throughout the seasons. How I love to share it.

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11 thoughts on “Newport “Before and After” the Blizzard, Part 2

  1. Spectacular juxtapositions! Truly dedicated to the marvel of the seasons, the timely perseverance of the photographer and her sharing dedication. Thank you. Cat

  2. Love this post! I enjoyed seeing the beauty in the before and after. You have such a lovely home and garden, thank you for sharing this special place with us!

  3. Bettie, thank you for sharing these amazing photos. Office work would never be boring, in any season, with a view like yours!

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