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Spain’s Colorful, Whimsical Architecture

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As an art major, I was always keen on the modern masters, sometimes the quirkier the better. So imagine my pleasant surprise when my twenty-something assistant, Michelle, returned from Spain with a collection of architectural images from two of my favorite “quirkies”…Gaudí and Dali. Reviewing her images made me wonder, than answer the question myself — no, there is no other country I can think of that has such a preponderance of purely charming, colorful contemporary architecture. Worthy of a blog, I decided…

From the cavorting nudes on the facade (above) of Casa de la Panadería in Plaza Mayor (I know it doesn’t qualify as contemporary, but it confirms  a pattern within the country)…To Gaudí’s masterpiece, Casa Batlló. The tile work on the interiors alone are worthy of examination.

A bit more serious in its architecture and color, this home designed by Gaudí at Park Güell mixes details from both Moorish and Oriental cultures with one of the most creative balustrades I’ve ever seen (don’t you love the green shutters).

Curiouser…and curiouser…by Gaudí and to be found on the property of La Sagrada Familia Basilica.

Finally, Gaudí’s own home at Park Güell…I say, if you’re going to do a pink house, this is the color to go with! And don’t be bashful — dress it up with playful scrolls, flourishes, swoops and swirls.  Then finish it off with green shutters.

I don’t want to forget Salvador Dali. Who else but this surrealist master would have a museum in his name that looks like this, complete with eggs on top?

And for all you traditionalists, here is a panoramic take on the majestic Royal Palace of Madrid.

Spain certainly deserves another look…



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