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Dressing the Library in Fall Color

October 17, 2019

Fall is my favorite season, though it looks like it will be very late this year (the leaves are all still happily green). So to tide me over, I’ve gathered…

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Oops! in the Garden

October 10, 2019

This annual post has proven to be as much a confessional as it is a reality check, always prompting me to remember that without these learning experiences there couldn’t be…

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Celebrating 20 Years at Parterre

October 3, 2019

Parterre and its gardens celebrated their 20th anniversary this summer. And yet, it seems like only yesterday that we were creating our own little “paradise” on what had long ago…

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Reuniting with Downton Abbey

September 26, 2019

Our beloved Downton Abbey television series ended in March of 2016 and since then millions of Americans (including this writer) have been patiently anticipating some sequel or follow-on. Finally, on…

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Entertaining at Home: Inspirations from Celebrated Hosts

September 19, 2019

One never knows where life’s chance meetings might lead. Five years ago, Ronda Carman and I were signing our respective books at the Theta Antique Show in Houston. Two weeks…

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Boston Townhouses in their Summer Finery Part 2

September 12, 2019

Aaah, the happy memories that these posts have brought back. We lived at 61 Commonwealth Avenue, in the heart of Back Bay, and I treasured every moment. My childhood dream…

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Boston Townhouses in their Summer Finery Part 1

September 5, 2019

Having lived in Boston for a few years, I’m very partial to the term “Boston Proper” as describing the old in-town neighborhoods that included Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End,…

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Romancing our Summer Garden

August 29, 2019

The Orangerie in Parterre’s garden was a most special surprise Christmas gift in 1997, given to me by my husband, Jonathan, as we began our house building project. While originally…

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