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A Don’t-Miss Wedding at Samode Palace in Jaipur

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6 Wedding Bride & Groom after vows 11

When a good friend, who has an adventure and travel streak in her, announces that she’s going to Jaipur, India for a wedding there’s only one thing to say…take pictures! And here they are. If you know just the least bit about India, you’ve surely heard that Rajasthan (of which Jaipur, “the Pink City,” is the capital) is vibrant and all about color. Combining the rich traditions of an Indian wedding and the romantic history of Jaipur would have to be the best of all worlds. I couldn’t wait to share this with you…

Thoughtfully, the bride and groom created itineraries and day-by-day descriptions of the many elaborate, traditional Indian ceremonies to be attended over the three days.

The wedding of Sachin Devand and Shauna Mei took place at the 400 year old Samode Palace and the fort, Sultan Mahal, which is within the palace; elaborate decorative interiors are typical of Rajput and Mughal architecture.

Samode Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Meeting Hall at Samode Palace

A welcome explanation was provided guests for the Mehandi ceremony, where henna is used to create exotic, intricate patterns that decorate the bride’s hands and feet.


The bride and groom at the Mehandi ceremony where the bride’s right hand is receiving full attention from the artist as guests and family looked on.



A joyful moment following the Mehandi ceremony.


Outside the Sultan Mahal for the Haldi Rasam ritual which usually takes place after the Mehandi ceremony, either the day before or the morning of the wedding.




The groom’s processional elephant, camels and horses.



Sachin and Shauna after their wedding vows have been exchanged.

6 Wedding Bride & Groom after vows 11
Sachin (L) and Shauna.

Red attire is traditionally worn during weddings for it symbolizes love, commitment, strength and bravery in Indian culture. Such an ensemble and occasion require the bride  to accessorize with an appropriate amount of jewelry.


The noteworthy wedding was covered by international press…

8 India Times

If your interest has been piqued by this article, then treat yourself to the movie, “Bride and Prejudice.” Bollywood has done a masterful and most entertaining take on Jane Austen’s classic tale, set in India of course.


All images taken by Patricia Stensrud.

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  1. Thank you Bettie, for this insightful article ! The vibrant jewel tone colors add joy & energy to the celebrations. The Wedding couple, Sachin & Shauna, took great care in planning & providing a welcoming environment for their guests, may they have a long & happy marriage! Best regards, Helen

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