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A Miniature Spring Tablescape

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Spring…at last? In trying to hasten the green landscapes that seem so long in coming, I resorted to creating my own for spring entertaining occasions in the house. And what a fun undertaking!

These following images well suit a category that I long ago started referring to as “tablescapes.” You’ll see many examples in future blogs, but for this first one I’m going for a spectrum of all shades of refreshing green, with a few subtle touches of color. What makes this especially entertaining is that it’s a great project to do with children; additionally, this green scape also lends itself to creating your own version of a “fairy story,” those charming vignettes that never seem to go out of favor. Who doesn’t love miniatures?

Your local nursery will have many suitable options for plant material; expect to be surprised to see so many plants that have now been cultivated as a junior version of old favorites ( i.e. orchids.) In fact, narrowing down your choices will probably prove challenging. I rather envy you as creating these little tablescapes can become addictive.

How-To Create a Miniature Spring Tablescape

Some supplies you may consider:

fancy-bullet Sheet Moss
fancy-bullet Bun Moss
fancy-bullet Reindeer Moss
fancy-bullet Salinginella Moss
fancy-bullet Small Terrarium Plants
fancy-bullet River Rocks or Garden Stones
fancy-bullet Miniature Orchids
fancy-bullet Rock Garden Flowers
fancy-bullet A thick piece of plywood in lieu of a tabletop, if you wish to move it around or need to position the tablescape in an out of the way location.

Key Notes:

1. Use a large plant (i.e. ferns, here) as a backdrop to “continue” the landscape if you wish to make it appear larger than it is.

2. Create hillocks or burms to provide interesting shapes and undulations.

Green Tablescapes

3. Design little vignettes of plant combos that you find pleasing – there’s no right or wrong, but the selections should be of the same scale. I also like to include small garden rocks or river stones to carry through this mossy woodland theme.

4. Be sure to leave enough open spaces to place serving platters or plates (ie. for a dessert buffet, as I did at Easter.)

5. These flat, open spaces can also become a fairy landscape with houses, furniture and other miniature favorites. A nursery that I frequent presents a charming example of what I’m referring to, though they chose a large stone container.


6. When finished with the tablescape, remove small plants and group them in a favorite pot or ornamental urn. Store the sheet moss and other mosses in a closed box, away from sunlight as it will cause them to turn brown.


Happy Easter to you.

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  1. I love the way you organized the variety of plants. The pot with the mini cottage and petite greenery is adorable!

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