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Newport’s Hydrangeas, all Around the Town

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It’s been a Technicolor summer as regards a seasonal favorite, hydrangeas, adding immeasurably to the pleasures of these sun-kissed months. All around town they’re the “talk of the town,” as is our yummy, unseasonably cool weather which has obviously obliged their growing requirements. Hydrangeas gloriously enhance any setting, from the most exotic (featured image above) to the patriotic.

From the grandest…

to the coziest.

On the Avenue…

By the sea…

Off the beaten path…

They serve well as a welcoming presence at a driveway entrance.

And they “play well’ with other plantings, from graceful Japanese maples to perky daisies…

Or for a patio bathed in the soft rays of the setting sun. What else is needed but you and your drink of choice?

What would summers be, anywhere in this country, without hydrangeas. Enjoy yours!

Featured image credit, Nick Mele Photography, A Newport Summer by Nick Mele and Ruthie Sommers,©️2022. Published by Vendome.

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Bettie Bearden Pardee

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5 thoughts on “Newport’s Hydrangeas, all Around the Town

  1. We are…so much…although we’re unseasonably hot!!! Come Aurumn ( sooner is better!) I like to make arrangements & “mist” w/spray paint…they are so beautiful!! Your photos are incredible!! franki

  2. There was a time when I confess I was not a fan of hydrangeas. Can you imagine?!!! Living now in an area where hydrangeas thrive I find myself completely absorbed in learning everything there is to know about this beautiful perennial shrub.

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