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All Wrapped Up for the Holidays

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A favorite “Pardee Party Design,” dressed up for the holidays (you may remember the Easter version in lavender and white stripes).

That’s one thing I love about this design — it’s simplistic and versatile. Change the fabric for the season, and occasion, and enjoy the look on your guests faces when they’re presented with such a large “gift.” Sometimes, this statement-making image is all you may need for decoration.

HOW TOS for the “Pardee Bow-Tied Table”

fancy-bullet    60” diameter round table
fancy-bullet    4  2-sided runners, each 9” wide x 104” long.
fancy-bullet    Cut the runner ends like “pussycat ears”—a V.
fancy-bullet    Fabric should be heavy-weight with good “body” so the bows will hold their shape (ie. cotton duck, brocade, jacquard, burlap)

  1. Place 2 of the runners in an X across the table, being sure they are equi-distant down the sides.


  2. Place the remaining 2 runners in another X underneath the center point of the first 2.

  3. Take the third runner and pull each side up to the center, crossing them over and tying them in a bow, as you would on a package.

  4. Repeat the procedure above with the forth runner.

  5. Adjust the 4 bows to be as full as possible, with a “voluptuous” curve.

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