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Breakfast Under the Pergola

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Missing some much-anticipated travel this spring was offset by the sheer pleasure of being at home every day for three months. In earlier posts I’ve chronicled the glories of the spring garden and all of its many offerings in minute detail. One of those offerings is the white wisteria that has never looked more beautiful and pristine.

Today, I will share the very silver lining in these Covid times that provided me the chance to fulfill a dream that I just could not manage to initiate any other spring–breakfast under the pergola. Hubby’s go-to breakfast spot every morning was of course closed, thus I had another incentive to organize this treat! While it was only a’ deux, I dressed it to pretend that we were having seven to eight friends for a healthy morning repost.

What fun to consider a new tablescape theme, gathering all the accoutrement–inspired first by the heavy ribbed cotton ottoman cloth in a shade of Parterre Green; which presents the perfect backdrop for the sheer voile overlay scattered with white calla lillies…

leaf-shaped plates over a glass one that permitted the lilies to show through…

and hand-blown glasses for the mimosas completing the breakfast scene.

Long crab apple branches, rhododendron and lush cerise tulips (all from our garden) in a tall tole “bucket” served as the table’s backdrop.

Potted tulips and a noble pair of hornbeam standards, plus white wisteria peeking through the wood slats cozied up this our first spring breakfast under the pergola.

What new tradition were you inspired to start, or re-visit, this spring?

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Bettie Bearden Pardee

About Bettie Bearden Pardee

Author of Private Newport and Living Newport, garden furniture designer (The Parterre Bench), national lecturer, and entertaining expert. An honoree for the second year on "The Salonniere 100 America's Best Party Hosts", she was also the host and creative producer of "The Presidential Palate: Entertaining at the White House".

30 thoughts on “Breakfast Under the Pergola

  1. Beautiful setting. During these stay at home times, it would be so easy to
    “let things go”. We have had some special meals with the best china and dress up meals which helps to life our spirits here. Have good day.

    1. So glad to hear you’re doing this also; isn’t it a great escape? I love coming up with “themes!”
      One has to be creative when you’re spending 24/7 in the smae space. xB

  2. How beautiful! I love the dishes and glassware. The tulips are so special. But the two trees wrapped in burlap is genius! So fun.

    1. Love that you noticed our not so little trees wrapped in burlap with a ruff…and tied with a bow! xB

    1. I’m tempted to say “not enough,” but I did most of what you see, except for the 2 men who kindly moved the trees around…

  3. Hello Bettie ~
    Pretty tablescape, lovely as you!
    Breakfast outdoors, amidst a serene garden and spring’s charming flowers is such a healthy way to ease the mind, body, and spirit, given CoV-19 times.
    Stay safe ~ Cherry

    1. I couldn’t agree more!! What a blessing…and I am so thrilled to hear from you! Warms my heart to know that you are following my posts.
      Thinking of you and sending xox B

    1. So true…and a new tradition for us. Can’t wait to enjoy more of them. xB

    1. Love hearing from members of my Private Newport family. Thank you! xB

  4. Oh, how dreamy! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden, home and style with us. A nice distraction as well as inspiration in such uncertain times!

    1. This new tradition was both a focus and a distraction; now to swing (gently) into summer. xB

  5. *For your eyes only
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden and the lovely table setting. I so enjoy your posts, and I know you will appreciate my bringing a little typo to your attention – pretty sure you meant to notice how the Cala Lillies are SCATTERED about the design, and not scatted, lol.
    I anxiously await your next fabulous post!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Oops, thoughtt I had corrected those….merci for the gentle reminder! xB

  6. Oh Bettie…..This was one of my favorite “eye candy” treats of the Covid shut down ! My beautiful escape into your garden. Kudos !


    1. Thank you, this new tradition was was a beautiful escape for us, too!

  7. LOVELY!
    WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE THEM…………….I was given a surprise by some self seeding daisies………..which to my DELIGHT grew upwards to 3 feet!
    I wrote about it and its posted now you might enjoy…………..I have a pet pig who waltzes through the DAISIES too on a short little video!

    1. Dear La Contessa, I adored your pig-in-the-garden video as well as your entire website. Bravo!!
      I hope you live in LA, as a you and a dear friend must meet (if you haven’t already). Ciao for now, xB

  8. Beautiful photos of such a delightful setting. Lovely for all!

    ‘First Thursday’ girls shared my gardens and “petit déjeuner sous les roses” . Four of us enjoyed breakfast under the roses, sitting 6’ apart! Much needed socializing, good food, champagne and laughter revived all.

    Thank you for sharing. You are an inspiration – can’t wait for your return to our Decorative Arts lecture series here in California. ~S

    1. Oh Susan, you bring back so many happy memories. I’d adore to come back and visit all of you lovely “other Newport” ladies again.
      Let’s cook up something!! I can update the “First Thursday” girls on what’s new and intriguing in the Parterre garden. A very different theme than my last talk.
      Doesn’t it feel good to be back, gathering with your buddies, laughing and drinking? xoBettie

  9. Sharing Breakfast outside is Always a Good Choice. Thank you for Sharing.

  10. Simply beautiful Bettie! Enjoy your posts so much. I would love to know the name of the beautiful vine that running on the wall. So pretty.

  11. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the absolutely stunning voile overlay? Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your garden and decorating skills. They have given me hours of pleasure!

    1. Hello Janette and thank you for your lovely comment. If memory serves me correctly, I purchased that voile table overlay in the gift shop of one of the Preservation Society houses many years ago.
      Isn’t that always the way…the best ones you can’t remember where you bought them. xB

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