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Capturing Autumn: Turning Over a New Leaf

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When you live in a New England town, autumn takes on a special meaning. While we might not have the exuberant leaf display of our more northerly neighbors, there are certainly enough opportunities to be enchanted by the seasonal change that cloaks everyday sights and architecture in glorious colors. And that “golden light” that I love so much is even more golden at this time of the year. In contrast to the full-on, bold sun of summer, everything is now nuanced by a softer and low, sweeping light.

Autumn’s clouds add a sometimes dreamy, sometimes moody atmosphere to vistas.

And this day after Halloween, I just had to include this Ocean Drive home. With its turrets and eerie lights in the windows (compliments of the setting sun), one wouldn’t be faulted for recalling the Addams family.

All photos taken by, Vibrant Optics.

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4 thoughts on “Capturing Autumn: Turning Over a New Leaf

  1. I have lived on this island for 44 years. These photos capture elements I have overlooked recently….especially the unique autumn light and how it changes
    perception . Thanks for sharing.

    1. Holly, so happy this post gave you the opportunity to look at this season with fresh eyes. If you see something that is another example of our unique autumn light, do send it along!
      Chers, B.

  2. Hello Bettie

    Some 45 years ago my husband and I set off for a family reunion in Dorset England..
    Well after a 3 day weekend by husband enquired if we could slip away to explore the countryside…..Landing near Newquay …we came upon a Hotel that could be the Twin
    Of your last photo but considerable larger…And a tad gloomier…As my Husband looked up
    And observed the rooks perched on the Turrents..commented ..well I trust The Adams family
    Will be in residence….At the front Desk…Cheets Gay

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