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Dressing Your Closet: Saving your Sanity Part 2

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There! Now that you’ve gone through the painful, ooops, entertaining exercise of sorting, consolidating, purging and editing your wardrobe, you deserve a payoff for your time and efforts. While many of us may not have closets (or houses) as expansive or over-the-top as some pictured here, we can pick up inspiring details that can be applied.  A girl can dream! Remember, a pretty, appealing space is an incentive for keeping your closet in an orderly state…if only because this makes you feel good every time you go in – and you deserve that!

“Some people dream of having a big swimming pool; with me, it’s closets.” -Audrey Hepburn

First order of business…and I’m sure Audrey would agree…put careful consideration into setting a mood, making your own closet feel well dressed. A feminine chair or comfy ottoman (a must!), chandelier, rug, artwork, decorative accessories and  family pictures will help the space  feel like an extension of the rest of your home…and help you feel “at home” in your closet.

Try these sexy closets on for size (excuse the pun.) Keep dreaming!

And for the prince…

Once again, the closet experts weigh in (Lauren Rothman)…”a sock drawer can be organized; a closet needs to be merchandised.” Group clothes by category, color and season and your life will be so much easier.

Here comes the fun part – shopping (can we not get away from that word?) Think about treating yourself to some of these closet essentials that will keep your treasured possessions in a neat, tidy and organized state. And make dressing a treat.

  • drawers (if you must) with glass fronts…all the better to see.

Or for storing dress shoes (that aren’t used as often,)

  • baskets, both for their charm as well as their super storage capacity

Photo Credit: Andriana Belle

  • hangers…a wardrobe of these necessities is definitely a treat you owe yourself. Hang everything (except knits.) – you’ll wear it more often if you can see it!

Choose appropriate styles for a specific category of clothing (ie. pants or shirts) and keep them all facing in the same direction to assure a more cohesive, orderly appearance overall.Skirts

These are my closet staples (and the felt hanger, in my favorite shade of green, just makes me smile every time I use it.)


Dress Blouses

  • Long, strong, good quality metals hooks strategically placed around your room.

Closet Hook

Personal tip?  The plus to having a windowless closet is that you avoid color changes in certain fabrics due to sunlight (for the same reason, never ever use fluorescent lights.) 

Personal tip #2… with the cost of handbags today, taking care of them is a must! Make the time to stuff each bag with crumpled tissue paper to insure that it keeps its shape when it’s put away; nothing defeats the chic of a handbag more, than carrying one with creases and collapsing sides.

Congratulations! Enjoy your “new” closet.

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2 thoughts on “Dressing Your Closet: Saving your Sanity Part 2

  1. Loved your blogs on making a beautiful and functional closet. I’m “blowing out” my closet and remodeling this summer. I’ll take many of your suggestions to heart…especially the one about shopping! Thank you!

    1. Can’t wait to see it, Kimmie. I hope you’re talking about your Newport closet, ’cause that’s where I hope to find you!! xo

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