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Hydrangeas in the Newport Landscape

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As of July 4th, summer is in full swing in our City by the Sea, and just like clockwork, an iconic flowering shrub, the hydrangea, comes into bloom. This presents another summer right of passage for me–photographing the different ways that hydrangeas are used in the landscapes of Newport.

Some uses are understandably very traditional, and expected, serving a complimentary purpose for almost any period or style of architecture.

Photo Credit: Vibrant Optics for Private Newport

Others provides a look at just how effective decorating with hydrangeas can be–especially for creating a “WOW moment,” as in a breathtaking view or singular architecture (a whimsical guard house).

framing a bespoke garden accessory…

Photo Credit: Vibrant Optics for Private Newport

playing up the verdigris color of an architectural decoration…

or just making an extravagant statement with double rows of hydrangeas lining a full circular driveway.

Photo Credit: Vibrant Optics for Private Newport

The third category skews more creatively in their use and perhaps are more than the homeowner planned (or anticipated), as in the blue beauties growing bountifully through their fence.

Keep your eyes open for the many faceted personalities of the summer hydrangea.

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18 thoughts on “Hydrangeas in the Newport Landscape

  1. Bettie, your beautiful gardens are a feast for the soul. Thank you for sharing your exquisite home with your readers. Ellen Easton

  2. Absolutely stunning and takes ones breath away with looking at these beautiful gifts of nature. My daughter also grows these lovely flowers in her garden in Minnesota.

    Thank you so much Bettie for bringing such beauty to your readers. Wish we could grow these lovely flowers in South Florida.

    Stay well. . .stay safe.

    Anna Louise

    1. Thank you, Anna Louise, for being part of my Private Newport family. I forget that there are regions of the country where hydrangeas cannot grow; happy to bring them your way via my posts! xB

  3. So many stunning views! I love the purple ones best, but all are lovely. Newport overflows with beauty in any season.

    1. Yes, Bobbi, I love the purples best, too…but they are more difficult to count on. xB

    1. No, we don’t use fertilizers; hydrangeas really don’t need it and are definitely prone to the vagaries of Mother Nature, sometimes not blooming for 2 years in a row. This year was a welcome exception. B

  4. Hydrangeas this season are extraordinary. Late blooming but with more blooms than I’ve seen in years.
    Thank you for Sharing

    1. Yes! We’ve had a few years of lackluster bloom but looks like this year will make up for it!
      And late blooming, but that’s OK…xB

  5. Oh how I love hydrangeas, though my AZ garden is not hospitable to them. When I was 15 I bought my Mother a hydrangea for her May birthday. She eventually planted it in her Indiana garden where it grew for 18 years before it finally bloomed.

    1. Hello Linda, how nice to hear from you. I’ve so been enjoying your post on Versailles, now plotting and planning my (hopefully) 2021 trip to Paris.
      Fun story about the hydrangea you gave to your mother; they can be very mercurial, as I have found, too, in Newport.
      Take care, and I hope you’ll be back to your divine travels very soon! xB

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