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Inspiring Garden Design: 12 Tropical Details to Borrow

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Every trip, every new destination offers a welcome opportunity to look at design from another perspective…one of the many reasons to justify travel. Oftentimes, a reminder is enough to freshen your take. As here, on a trip to Lyford Cay in Nassau. I’ve consolidated my “learnings” into 12 quick sound-bytes; easy to digest and one just may ring for you.

1. KISS (keep it simple) One of the first design elements I used as a young gardener — espaliered ivy diamonds to dress up a wall or fence (here and feature image above).

2. First impressions count Make that trip to the front door an intriguing walk…with a piece of sculpture as a focal point.

3. Have fun! Wonderful bougainvillea is ever-present in Lyford — I love it here leading your eye to the colorful garden seating in the distance (thank you,

4. Star-worthy pools deserve their own shout-out, and with the pair of pool cabanas, become a centerpiece of the garden.

5. Think outside the box. Or site the pool along the side of the house onto which bedrooms open.

6. Seating strategy. Position a chaise to take in a favorite garden view.

7. No “plain Jane” grass! Design an area of interest to either side of a stone-detailed forecourt with repeating diamonds of stone in the grass.

8. Play the classic card. That house facade cameo was just waiting for it’s star turn with a complimentary stone garden accessory.

9. Add a water feature. A rill can be simple or full-on (as here) But it is an underutilized design element for adding a quick centerpiece around which to work even a simple garden.

10. Share your beauty. A grand estate, built into the island’s coral and with an inspired corner terraced treatment, enhances a Lyford roundabout.

11. Can we ever see enough of these views?! Many of us may think that palm trees just come with the view, but indeed, they are very much a design favorite in a landscaper’s arsenal with careful thought given to their placement.

12. Create the ultimate hostess gift. A postcard-size, three-dimensional version of their home or favorite view by artist Pat O’Brien (

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