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London’s Singular Architecture

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Given the comments and emails I’ve been receiving, even in the very middle of this holiday season, it’s clear that last week’s London post was a hit. Fortunately, I also have a selection of images that capture this ages old city from an architectural perspective which, unlike gardens, are not seasonal. So, for those of you who couldn’t make it to London…enjoy some armchair traveling.

Of course, holiday decor was the frosting on the cake to a fabulous diversity of buildings to be found in and around Sloane Street and Belgravia, where I was staying.

With their handsome squares dotting the neighborhoods and their equally marvelous names…Cadogan, Lowndes, Eaton, Belgrave, Wilton Crescent…a stroll became a must-do whenever the time presented itself.

The side streets, equally well named — Hans Place, Motscomb Street, South Eaton Place…provided more examples of “singular” architecture (those odd ones that I always love to chance upon).

Whether an apartment building…

a single home…

or a townhouse.

And, of course, the beloved Mews — Grosvenor, Eccleston, Lyall, Belgrave, Eaton — to name a few.

An intriguing new take on a Mews concept deserves kudos for creatively changing the face and profile of an otherwise ho-hum set of buildings.

Perhaps they were inspired by an old facade just a few blocks away…

Wishing you the happiest of New Years as we head into the third decade of this twenty-first century…doesn’t it seem like the millenium was just yesterday?

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2 thoughts on “London’s Singular Architecture

  1. I love how horticultural creations are everywhere…on balconies and doorsteps…giving each residence a personal touch. I can’t help myself…the OCD in me wants to move one of the planters off the square pattern on the landing and a little more to the right (the 4th photo down) and center another in the next-to-the-last photo. I know…I know…I need to learn to appreciate the beauty of the creations FIRST and move the planters later. 🙂

  2. Bettie, You photographed my favorite city and favorite areas of London. Great pictures!!! Thank you. I was in London in May and hope to be there again this spring. May I ask where you stayed?

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