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Memories of England

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Along with the daffodils and the tulips, the other gift I anticipate the most about spring is my trip to England. When I was in London in December, the decorations were still in place from the Queen’s Jubilee…and now it will be decorated for the coronation of King Charles, a poignant juncture in time. I had no idea in November when I started planning this spring trip that the date of the ceremony would be May 6. Fortunately I return on May 4, just just in time to miss all the crowds.

In a way of sharing my enthusiasm about this upcoming trip I’ve selected some of the memory-inspiring shots that I’ve taken over the past years of London and the countryside, in spring and December (interspersed with an architecturaly-varied selection of that most British staple, the pub). Enjoy and I wish you safe travels, too. Be watching your in box for a series of blogs on all things British…including gardens, of course.



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10 thoughts on “Memories of England

  1. A beautiful way to wake up to such gorgeous photos. Almost as good as being there in person. Looking forward to seeing all from your Spring 2023 visit. Bon Voyage! EE

  2. Bettie,
    I am off to England in a few weeks. Could you spare the time to talk with me on the phone about gardens?
    Merrielou Symes
    301 412 4445

  3. Absolutely fabulous photos which made me very, very homesick. What do you use to capture such perfect photos Bettie? Keep them coming please.

  4. Bettie….another spectacular blog reminder of London and we will eagerly await your new installment on London when you return from this Spring trip !! Keep it up..we love it !

  5. Bettie…
    Spring, spring
    The Bird is on the Wing,
    Absurd, absurd
    The Wings are on your Bird.
    Please come back with a Bounty of Photos,
    In His grip, Bonny

  6. You flat know how to frame a shot! These photos are gorgeous as always.

  7. All that rain certainly makes beautiful flowers, etc. They do have “the knack!” TY franki

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