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My Favorite Spring Scenes

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Little hints of spring are starting to show in Newport…the snowdrops nestled into the roots of the grand beech in the front courtyard, petit heads of daffodils poking up in the shaded woodland.

It’s still too early , though, for real spring in Newport. Which led me to reminisce about all the spring scenes I’ve enjoyed over the years and around the country when on my book tours. They stand out so in my mind, these “Ah ha” moments prompted by an image that so clearly signals spring. From Dallas, Texas (as in the daffodils feature above)…

to Easton, Maryland…

from Portsmouth, Rhode island…

to the North Shore of Chicago.

These images help me bide my time a bit better when awaiting spring to finally arrive in Newport. And they also remind me, so importantly, of the gift of new friendships, hospitality enjoyed, and love of gardens shared! As in Charleston…

St. Louis, Missouri…

My old hometown, Atlanta…

Photo Credit: David Schilling Photography

and Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, DC.

But I can’t forget Central Park!

My own soon-to-be-popping 4 ‘Hally Jolivette’ matched cherries in Newport, Rhode Island will hopefully be greeting me when I return from Atlanta mid-April.

Enjoy your spring scenes!

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Bettie Bearden Pardee

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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Spring Scenes

  1. Good Morning Bettie,
    I met you a few years ago in Birmingham at our Antique Show. I’m a kitchen designer and at the time we spoke I was working on a fabulous home in Atlanta that I believe was your parents previous home. My husband and I will be in Newport tomorrow for a few days and just wondering what are your “must do” things to see, eat and do??
    We are staying having dinner one night at The Chandler and lunch at Castle Hill Inn.
    (All I have planned is eating😂)
    We are sailors but assuming we will not be able to get in NY Yacht Club. I would love any suggestions. Thank you and thank you for your wonderful and beautiful blog!!

  2. Hi Bettie
    I love your posts as I am a lover of all things that bloom!!! Did not know you were from Atlanta, my hometown as well. Spring in Atlanta is so beautiful so I envy your trip !!!!
    I was brought up across the street from the Inman mansion now the Atlanta historical society. Enjoy your visit and thanks again for your photos!

  3. Glorious spring, and your pictures depict it so well. Everything is awakening in my part of the world, which makes me want to stay outside all day as not to miss one single moment. So glad to be able to take long walks & bike rides again without the constraint of outerwear. I know you will be enjoying your beautiful Newport. Hugs!

  4. OHHHHH Bettie !! I just took my favorite break from emails and all those plain letters to gape in wonder at your Springtime images at this special time of the year !! I always feel my blood pressure come down and my weary eyes brighten…Thank You for always providing a respite with your beautiful images from Newport and around the world !

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