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Newport Living: A Pampered Pets Perspective

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From Xie Xie and Indigo in repose underneath the portrait of their owner to a “tuxedo cat” walking across a garden bench to Henri Matisse surrounded by flowers, here is a glimpse into the private Newport lifestyle from another vantage point. A celebratory and entertaining ode to our beloved four-legged family members capturing the environment which their besotted owners have created for them.

This was an amusing and fun summer project and I thank their “anonymous” owners for sharing them with me. There is only one thing left to say — how lucky are these cuties?!

With a 1941 Ford Woody to ride around in, this cast of Havanese characters — “Charley,” “Lulie” and “Poppy” Damgard — love every moment of their summer outings in Newport.


Arguably the oldest dog breed in the world, Samoyeds “Buckley” and “Ava” Lanche know just the spot for staying cool at their ocean side setting.


What’s life without a frisbee? Soon Golden Retriever “Ranger” King will have that toy back in his mouth where it belongs.


Surrounded by colors that would be found in his namesake’s paintings, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel “Henri Matisse” Bevan is not immune to the pleasures of a well-planted marble urn.

Photo Credit: Meghan Sepe

Tuxedo cat “Miss Muffitt” Pardee taking a break on her favorite garden seat after conducting one of her frequent garden tours.


Having been witness to many a party at their home, Beaulieu, long-haired Dachshunds “Gloria” and “Cinderella” Buchanan have acquired a bit of a soigné air.


“Sandy” Van Pelt is a one-of-a-kind in Newport…a Daisy Dog (cross between the Bichon Frise, Poodle and Shih-Tzu)…who holds court at Elm Court.


A Havanese and proud of it, “Houdini” Hayes is a popular fixture at his master’s shops (where he’s been known to sell a tie or two).


Both five years old, and appropriately named –“Indigo” Weintz, an American Cocker Spaniel (featured in his mistress’ photograph above) and “Xie Xie”(pronounced Shay Shay) a Pekingese whose name means thank you in Mandarin Chinese.

Photo Credit: Meghan Sepe

Norwich Terriers, “Grosvenor,” “Ambrose” and “Endicott” Herrick, are each named after their owner’s Boston forebears (Endicott is also a proud AKC multi-blue ribbon winner).

Photo Credit: Tina Ravitz at

Light and bubbly and living in a French house, “Clicquot” Pardee is part Maine Coon…well manifested in her not inconsequential paws (which have also earned her the nickname “Princess Snowshoes”).


A puddle of poodles…four months old “Coco” and “Finn” Keefe continue the tradition of standard poodles at their Charles Platt designed Louis XVI-style home.


“Atticus” Oliver is the epitome of a Labradoodle — amusing, friendly, unflappable and the take-away memory from any Newport party — from which he is taking a break.

Photo Credit: Billy Black Photography

While many of the pets included in this post may hail from breeders, their owners are major supporters of our island’s wonderful and lauded  Potter League for Animals shelter. I attach the 2005 “Yappy Hour” fundraiser invitation cover as a way to say we miss those who have left us (like beautiful “Lily,” a Samoyed, shown here).


As one of their mistresses opined…owning and pampering our pets is a gift we give ourselves.

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