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Newport’s Iconic Ocean Views

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Newport’s renown owes a great deal to its beauty. What makes it so distinctive? The rocks, the topography, the vegetation, the light, the wave action. This is a ledge island, these views will be here forever; they will not be slipping away when the tides and currents change, shortening the sandy beaches or eroding the cliffs.

And all of these views share one commonality… the ever constant blue waters (seen so dramatically, above, at Hammersmith Farm) . “Breathtaking” just doesn’t do it justice. Night or day, fog or brilliant sun, what is so magical about Newport is the variety — you can be at one site with its singular perspective and receive a vastly different impression from a spot just down the cove or across the tidal pool.

From my two coffee table books, Living Newport: Houses, People, Style and Private Newport: At Home and in the Garden, I’ve chosen a collection of images that capture what we Newporters particularly enjoy at this time of the year. If you can’t be here, it is my pleasure to bring them to you.

Photo Credit: Mick Hales

One other note is the different vistas that homeowners have created when incorporating the water into their garden’s design.

The elegant pattern of the Haigney’s rose and knot gardens on Price’s Neck are even more striking as a contrast to the rugged, handsome topography of this peninsula.

Photo Credit: Alexander Nesbitt

The long perennial borders of The Whim are planted against the old brick walls of the former greenhouse, its space now a grass allée that seems to flow endlessly to the sea.

Photo Credit: Mick Hales

A distinctive image in Newport Harbor(especially during Fourth  of July weekend) — boats galore to include two classic wooden treasures.

Photo Credit: Alexander Nesbitt

With the American flag flying from the ensign staff, and plump pillows on her banquette, the after deck on Enticer is the perfect spot for settling in when on the water.

Photo Credit: Alexander Nesbitt

Seaweed’s western-facing exposure provides a potpourri of sights, from The Ledges on the left to Bailey’s Beach to High Tide on the right.

Photo Credit: Mick Hales

The home’s old stone gatepost has stood the test of time; Adirondack chairs on the ledge outcropping allow a closer look at the ocean view, with sea mist rising off the water.

Photo Credit: Meredith Brower

Wildacre’s property provides a very different view from other locations on Price’s Neck cove, one seemingly familiar to Maine.

Photo Credit: Mick Hales

In sharp contrast…along Cliff Walk, the receding tide reveals the seaweed-encrusted rocks in all their glory.

Photo Credit: David Thalmann
Photo Credit: David Thalmann

Secreted between two estates on Newport Harbor, just a short distance from the New York Yacht Club, Aloha Landing has a bird’s-eye view of the Newport Bridge.

Hales IMG_9118
Photo Credit: Mick Hales

Inside, the settees and built-ins of this former historic boat house all take their inspiration from nautical design favorites, many lacquered to a mirrored finish; the unusual window shapes are original to the house.

Hales IMG_9110
Photo Credit: Mick Hales

During August’s “Coaching” weekend, Hammersmith Farm is one of the morning stops for the antique four-in-hand carriages.

Photo Credit: John Corbett

And when you can’t be on the water, you can bring it to you — a sailor is never far from the sea…

Photo Credit: Alexander Nesbitt

Hope you’re having a delicious summer.

Featured Image Credit, Alexander Nesbitt.

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