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On Tour: A First Time Peek at Parterre’s Interiors

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There’s a saying in our fabled town, not hyperbole when you remember that it was founded in 1639, that “all roads lead to Newport.” And so it was that a friend of my friend and photographer, Nick Mele, ended up at Parterre this summer. A former award-winning producer for “Good Morning America,” Alison Kenworthy now has an intriguing YouTube presence titled (in a creative riff on her name) “Homeworthy.” You, my followers, have enjoyed Parterre’s gardens, landscapes and horticultural tour de forces and now you’ll have a peek at the interiors of our home…for the first time. I’m giving the tour and showing all the behind-the-scene inspirations, family heirlooms and sources that we’ve enjoyed over the last 23 years. The video is at the end of this short selection of some of my favorite interior images from over the years. Enjoy!

Thank you, Alison, this was such a treat and a punctuation to summer ’22…your timing was perfect.

Featured image credit, Maaike Bernstrom.

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16 thoughts on “On Tour: A First Time Peek at Parterre’s Interiors

  1. I have watched your home tour three times, each viewing gives me a new idea or food for thought. It is simply smart, entertaining, and a thoughtfully planned video. Your welcoming attitude makes it a joy to watch. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

  2. I am breathless…I truly needed a vacation & escapism…this was IT. THANK YOU! franki

  3. This is so delightful and I am thrilled a painting of mine made onto YouTube! (Munchkin)
    Tee hee

  4. Outstanding beauty-your gardens, architecture and calm color palettes are sublime. The hidden storage is brilliant. Very generous of you, Bettie, to share the tranquility of your home with the public.

  5. Awe inspiring! What a beautiful, classy, elegant lady, as is the home you have so wonderfully created! Simply beautiful, thank you Bettie for sharing!

  6. What a treat to RE-visit your wonderful house today…I was visiting Ruth Buchanan a few years after you moved in and you gave us a tour one afternoon. It was super then but is even more beautiful as you added details and the garden has matured.

  7. Absolutely Breathtaking! I felt as if I was at a Designer Showcase. My husband loved it as well Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us.

  8. What a treat to RE-visit your wonderful house today…I was visiting Ruth Buchanan a few years after you moved in and you gave us a tour one afternoon. It was super then but is even more beautiful as you have added details and the garden has matured.

  9. Hidden closets for tables and chairs! The Fortuny pillows with that settee and Italian chairs! “I believe if you can put your hands on it, you’ll use it.” The buttercream color palette throughout your peaceful dreamy home. I could go ON and ON. Most important, however, is your utterly charming self shining through. It makes me and anyone who watches, want to be your friend and stroll that garden with you. Thank you for this precious treat! I see a TV pilot in your future.

  10. A Star is Born! I have enjoyed your beautiful garden blog for several years – but somehow never dreamed of seeing inside your gorgeous home – and getting to know you through Homeworthy’s excellent video. What a fine production – such elegance and energy and beauty.

  11. What splendid details and thought went into your interiors! A pleasure to see. My favorites were the wormwood floors, the large wall openings and the Honduran mahogany paneling, your 4 poster master bed with that ceiling, the bedding, and buttercream yellow!

  12. Your interior is beautiful with minimalist. I have been collecting for 40yrs and can’t part with alot things. Love French, Italian, Mediterranean and some traditional. Paintings from ceiling to floor and scones. At least 4 chandeliers in each room. I know I’ll have to minimize because cleaning services is going up just like everything else. I would like to give some art and furniture to someone that appreciates. Thanks for showing your interiors. Exciting to see behind beautiful architecture.

  13. It’s charming, Bettie. You’ve made it so inviting and gracious – like yourself. Well done.

  14. I am in Omaha, Nebraska…. your home, garden is truly a treasure for those of us that live in the Midwest! Thank you for sharing! I am running to Amazon and buying your books!!!

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