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Smell the Roses

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Would they…or wouldn’t they? Roses, an always anticipated category in the Newport Flower Show, can keep us on pins and needles awaiting their bloom time. But they burst forth with gusto this year, right before the Show! So to celebrate this summer favorite, I’m sharing some images from Parterre’s garden and the arrangements that they inspire in a range of favorite vases; designing with roses truly brings me as much pleasure as seeing them in bloom. The image above illustrates how the shades of peach and pink serve to compliment the marble mantle.

These ‘Tiffany’ beauties have the added distinction of accenting the hand painted de Gournay wallpaper in the guest room.

In the back courtyard, encircling a weeping beech, the rose chain with ‘Crown Princess Margaretha’ is a picture-worthy view in June.

David Austin’s ‘Falstaff’ blooms floriferously all summer.

The first rose that I ever fell in love with! ‘Abraham Darby’ has the most appealing scent of all the roses at Parterre…and the added bonus of having a  high petal count.

Climber ‘Eden’ (or ‘Pierre de Ronsard,’ if you’re a romantic) decorates both sides of the iron arch leading into our back courtyard. What a treat to drive under these blooms! And another treat is seeing the blue ribbon on her entry in the Newport Flower Show.

New this year — I’m sharing my favorite rose entries in the Newport Flower Show.

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Bettie Bearden Pardee

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Author of Private Newport and Living Newport, garden furniture designer (The Parterre Bench), national lecturer, and entertaining expert. An honoree for the second year on "The Salonniere 100 America's Best Party Hosts", she was also the host and creative producer of "The Presidential Palate: Entertaining at the White House".

15 thoughts on “Smell the Roses

  1. Oooh! To me, the ‘Crown Princess Margaretha’ is everything I want in a rose. Stunning apricot-to-yellow color, exuberant petals, and I’m told they have a marvelous fragrance. Heaven.

    1. All true, Deborah, so you must go out immediately and acquire one. Heaven describes her well…she is, after all, a crown princess. Enjoy!

  2. A feast for rosarian eyes! Eden was deserving of a blue! While symmetry is rewarded in roses, the way she “kicks” out that outer petal is very distinctive of Eden…she is a sassy rose!

    1. Sassy?! Oh, I like that, Jayne.’Eden’ obviously brings out the poet in you. So thrilling to win that bue; I’m convinced it was all because of the rains we’ve had. Cheers, B.

  3. Exquisite story….I can smell them from here. My Mother had over 200 rose bushes in our very small garden, you opened your story with one of my all time favorites, Tiffany! Always glorious blooms and superb fragrance. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece.

    1. What a wonderful coincidence. I seem to have really hit a nerve with this rose blog! You must look at Lynn Ziglar’s anecdote about her mother’s rose garden (above).
      And here’s to beautiful, voluptuous ‘Tiffany,’with her luscious blooms and heady fragrance. So nice to hear from you, Nina! Happy summer, xB

  4. My mother was a rosarian, gardening on acreage. The fragrance of her garden is a memory. As a little girl time out was naming the rose bushes. It stays in my head. There were 600….likened to the roll call at the senate!
    Love seeing this!

    1. Wow, Lynn, this gives new meaning to “time out.”What a story…and 600 rose bushes. I simply cannot fathom that. But I simply shall not forget your anecdote! Happy summer, xBettie

  5. I adore all the ruffly varieties! I have a few of the ones you featured in my tiny garden but I believe I’ll add ‘Tiffany’ to my list of “must haves!!”

    1. Oh, happy that this blog was inspiring. “Tiffany’is a beauty queen! Enjoy…Happy 4th, Bettie

  6. Bettie, beautiful roses!! I am jealous of the color of roses you have. For here, in central Alabama I am struggling with finding the right spot to get my rose garden growing. Been three years of trials but I know I’m on my way. I miss gardening in Newport. What a great climate for many plants to grow so well. Receiving your emails make me smile, and take a deep breath and get out there and boosts my adrenaline to make it happen here!! Thank you for helping with inspiration to keep some of us going strong in the clay down here!

    1. Yes, Christopher, you are on your way! And what worthier project could there be than creating a rose garden. Seek out some rosarians in your part of Alabama and get their counsel; don’t go it alone…

  7. A Beautiful array of Roses that I have ever seen! Thank You Bettie! Just a quick note en passant-Pierre de Ronsard was a “Beatnik Poet of the Middle Ages-He proclaimed: Ou sont les
    neiges d/antan?” Where are the Snows of Yesterday-That is exactly what I often ask myself!
    Life, as is the Rose, is ephemeral!

    1. Love this little background on Pierre. And where were the snows this winter when we needed them?!
      But is it not the ephemeral quality that makes life so precious?

  8. Bettie-

    Such an amazing story linking the roses at the flower show to their garden settings. Thank you-your garden setting and magnificent photos from the show are inspiring.


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