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Spring Sightings in Newport

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“Sighted between the raindrops” will surely be the catchphrase when I think back on Newport’s spring of 2019. Just for those rainy reasons, I’ve become more and more appreciative each year of hardy daffodils (and even forsythia) that persevere through anything.

Enjoy these spots of spring that bring such pleasure to our Newport community (I tried mightily to capture these images on a sunny-ish day).

Daffodils, as far as the eye can see.

Thousands and thousands (and thousands) of daffodils are to be seen surrounding this handsome historic home.

Is there any Newporter who doesn’t anticipate the blooming of this grand Star Magnolia at the Art Museum, such a compliment to the elegant Cushing Gallery.

Early magnolia blooms dress up a happy garden cottage nestled into the back corner of Chateau-sur-Mer.

You’ll perhaps remember one dreamy spot from last year…Mintwater Cottage. The property has since been sold (lucky new owners!) and it is with a lump in my throat that I bid adieu to our dear friends, Allison and Steve Walk, headed off to another idyllic spot, the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Newport’s exceptional architecture is always a welcome backdrop for a daffodil show.

And finally, my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Camilla Bradley,dashing through the daffodils.

Photo Credit: Camilla Bradley

Now off to a week in merry olde England — Bath and the Cotswolds (and Prince Charles’ garden). Stay tuned for upcoming posts from over the pond.

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Bettie Bearden Pardee

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9 thoughts on “Spring Sightings in Newport

  1. The last photo really made me smile, what a joyful moment captured perfectly. And that gigantic old Star Magnolia is gorgeous yet it frightens me. I have three planted in my not so large front yard!

    1. That magnolia is famous, as much for its size…but you’ll be happy to know that it has taken many years for it reach that height. So maybe your safe (for now).xB

  2. Those pictures are worthy of a painting each! Have fun in England… I find it hard to believe you will take pictures any prettier than the ones in Newport.

    1. Oh Tall R, can’t wait to share what I find. I’m a woman on a beautiful gardens mission! xB

  3. Bettie, your blog is a DELIGHT to read and your photos are GORGEOUS!
    Could you please share what kind of camera you use……phone or other?

    1. You’re so kind, Mary Elizabeth. I’m happy to say that all I use is an I-Phone; I stepped up to their XR recently but think that my older 7Plus is just as good.
      So you don’t need to run out and buy an expensive camera…xB

  4. Oh my goodness! Beautiful pictures. To be going to England for a week! I hope you have a wonderful time. One of my favorite mystery series takes place in the Cotswolds. Would love to go there. Have fun!

    1. Thank you so much, Claire…and I’d like to think that you’ll feel as though you’ve been to the Cotswolds once my posts start. Stay tuned…xB

  5. Bettie, it is always such a delight to view your beautiful part of the world; gorgeous pictures every one! Ah, England. Can’t wait to see the pictures from your trip. Happy travels!

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