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Anticipating Fall

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It’s October 12th and I’m off to Tyler, Texas for their annual (and much-celebrated) Rose Festival. This rose lover has been counting the days. And by the time I return, fall in New England should be making itself known. This is my favorite time of the year and it can’t come soon enough.

Which is why I couldn’t resist reflecting back on past fall decorations…

Photo Credit: Maaike Bernstrom

from the front door…

to autumn tabletops…


to a very memorable fall luncheon in a private ballroom.

And of course, the Parterre Bench makes a cameo appearance!

Frankly, I’m enjoying this inspiration from past years, for as soon as I arrive back home I’ll need to be putting the finishing touches on my Fall decorations.

Given the 2 storms in one week, and just Mother Nature’s arbitrary personality, we’ll never know what to expect for Fall 2021, so all the more reason to treasure these existing images!

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15 thoughts on “Anticipating Fall

    1. Hope you make it up also, John! And the Rose Festival was beyond fabulous (hence my late replies to this blog) xB

  1. You are so very talented. I can’t choose a favorite but the branches and leaves that arch over the front door really stands out to me! If only I had your touch! Enjoy Tejas and Happy Fall!

    1. My dear Bettie,
      You brought fall to me! Living here in FL I miss the colors and all your beautiful decorations makes me remember my house and and trees in CT.
      enjoy your trip to Texas!
      I hope we can get together soon.
      Sending much love,

      1. Yes, Connecticut is so beautiful in any season, but somehow doesn’t hold the same charm for me after you departed…
        The Rose Festival was AB FAB, do not miss a chance to attend! Hoping to make a get together work next year!! xxB

    2. Thank you, that was an effort, given the scarcity of colored leaves last year…
      The Rose Festival was AB FAB!!! Have you ever been ? xB

  2. Lovely, graceful, inspirational -I always enjoy my “eye candy” dessert by reading this blog.
    I know those Texans are going to enjoy your “messing with them!”

    1. Those Texans were DIVINE> I came home with my head in the clouds, can’t wait to share on a blog…SOON! xxB

    1. Perfect quote, Nancy! I adored every minute and was awestruck by the beauty of the costumes themed to “Secrets of the Garden.”
      I’m working on a post now! xB

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