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Atlanta’s Dreamy Homes in the Spring

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It’s about this time of the year that my southern blood is yearning for a taste of SPRING. So a March 28th birthday provides just the excuse to head south, to Atlanta, back to my old stomping grounds to seek out its beautiful homes and their landscapes in the early blush of the season.

Two points make the old Northwest Atlanta residential area so memorable and outstanding. It is extensive, going on for seemingly miles, a jewel in a fast growing large city. It is this  development, however, that tends to mask the very relevant second point…that Atlanta was built in the center of a hardwood forest. You’ll be aware of this as you scroll through my images with those tall arboreal treasures adding their majesty to the residences. Hope you’ll enjoy this “visit” to Atlanta as much as I did…

There’s something about a brick home with limestone pilasters that moves it to the top of my favorites list.

A centered driveway, punctuated with formal planting on either side, complements the buff-colored Georgian-style residence.

Aah, Georgia stone shown off to its best!

An inspired design of curved boxwood hedges that will be filled in with the first spring planting.

Dreamy early spring in Atlanta!

Love what this dramatic set of stairs adds to the street view.

Sweeping lawns are a signature design detail of this residential area.

Old Northwest Atlanta properties have artfully mastered that residential necessity—gated entrances.

Photo Credit: Emily Followill
Norman Davenport Askins Architect and Howard Design Studio

And next week, April 18th, I’ll be featuring the home and garden above in my post…

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10 thoughts on “Atlanta’s Dreamy Homes in the Spring

    1. < I would have been happy to have been covered in pollen I was so glad to see some semblance of spring!!

  1. These homes are gorgeous made even more so by the beautiful blue sky and beautiful trees and lawns. Spring is a wonderful time in the south , usually lasting about 2 weeks and then it will be hot, hot, hot until fall. We know to enjoy it while we can. Love the gorgeous pictures!

    1. So true and well said!! How lucky was I to be there when all was perfection?!

  2. What stunning pictures of my beloved city! Atlanta in spring is a celebration of beauty. Thank you Bettie for sharing this with fellow readers who love “pretty.”

    1. “Pretty” is always in style!! And you know how happy I was to be down there with you..xoB

  3. A belated but heartfelt “happy birthday”, Bettie! I know you had a wonderful special time as Atlanta is so lovely in the spring. I once lived in Marietta and my dad lived in Buckhead, so I am very familiar with the big “A’s” beauty. Thank you for sharing all the pretty photos.

    1. Thank you, Bobbi, for your birthday wishes…an event I usually keep under wraps.
      You do know this residential if you’re father lived in Buckhead (a name that has always confounded me considering that it’s not exactly suited to the beauty of the area).
      Happy Easter,

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