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Favorite Design Details–Atlanta Decorators Show House

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There is nothing like a Southern spring, especially in Atlanta where I lived and worked as a young single girl and new bride. While Newport is experiencing “the blahs” (gray, rainy and windy) Atlanta is awash in all shades of green and gardens are a study in dreamy pastel colors. And oh, the dogwoods! It almost looks as though it is snowing, so many of these delicate trees are scattered across lawns and throughout plantings.
The Atlanta Decorators Show House and Gardens has been celebrating this season for 45 years, making it one of the grand daddies of them all…certainly the longest running one in the southeast. From its inception, it has been the fundraising cornerstone for the highly respected and lauded Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
I was honored to be invited to “present” Living Newport: Houses, People, Style” at the 2015 Show House this spring, to include a pre-opening preview to select my favorite details for this blog.
With congratulations to the countless volunteers, talented designers and generous patrons who have made this Show House such a successful highlight of the Atlanta spring season.
Grouping blue and white china is ​so tried and true, but who can resist? It’s one of the few color combinations that takes to “​massing.​”​ And I loved the designer’s forthright take on her bedroom…”More is More and Less is a Bore.” Melanie TurnerMelanie Turner Interiors

Yes, we’ve seen crystal and geode accessory pieces, but how about individual crystal shards tailored as place card holders? Elegant and a conversation piece on their own, even if you don’t choose to splurge on the large crystal centerpiece container. Randy Korando and Dan Belman, Boxwoods Gardens and Gifts

On the back stairs, a subtly sculptured carpet (a personal favorite) brings a welcome note of interest. Maxine Hyland and Danielle King, Kings Home Furnishings


Who doesn’t yearn for their own dressing table to include the appropriate organizational pieces to keep the surface from looking a mess. This master bathroom’s nod to civility is chic and well organized, a perfect way to use coordinating accessories that might otherwise be relegated to a pantry or drawer. Danielle Rollins and Robert Ingram, Rollins Ingram

Two key design elements…a chevron floor pattern and white marble…brought together to take the powder room to another level. Beth Kooby, Beth Kooby Design


A crenelated border on an over-sized ottoman plays to the  axiom that “a man’s home is his castle.” Douglas W. Hilton, DWH Interiors


It’s worked for centuries…”portieres” (simple fabric panels at a doorway, to be left open or closed depending on your whim) give the feeling of a grand and special place — especially when glamourously thick and puddled. Maxine Hyland and Danielle King, Kings Home Furnishings


A classic decorative gesture that isn’t utilized often enough…mirror on mirror in the master bath. Robert Brown, Robert Brown  Interior Design


As a follow-on to my earlier blog on “Decorating with Books,” I offer these intriguing and charming thoughts for the spines of books (first over- covered in paper)…watercolor drawings of your favorite accessories (here, a shoe and handbag) and your name subtly spelled out in large letters. Patricia McLean, Patricia McLean Interiors


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.15.43 AM

There are many bamboo-patterned wallpapers, but Thibaut’s really rang for me…1)the design is more impressionistic than most, giving it a playful feel (not serious bamboo, that can often look more like bones,) 2) the scaling of the pattern and the background provides an airy feel, making the paper a good choice for ceilings and 3) the old/now re-introduced spring green is a fresh, favorite color as shown here in an upstairs suite. Patricia McLean, Patricia McLean Interiors


And on the terrace — a fastigate Japanese maple answers the quest for an unusual, well-scaled and tall container planting…with added color interest in the fall. Bill Hudgins, Lush Life Home and Garden


So, not one but two paint applications that turn any wall into a fully serviceable office (or children’s room) partner. Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint applied over Rustoleum magnetic paint so you can write on/wipeoff the wall as well as hang items from WITHOUT having to use  nails. Jessica Bradley, Jessica Bradley Interiors


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  1. Whenever I see your name pop up I know that I am in for a treat. Your creative and informative text and pictures delight me every time. I can hardly wait for your Dallas visit in October.

  2. Betty,

    What an inspiration to see your collective photos. The ingenuities of your works of art is heartily admired. So beautiful.


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