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Places to Go, People to See!

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Ham House and Garden, England. Photo Credit: @hamhousent

Since my English travel plans have been delayed until September, I have been living vicariously through my fellow Instagrammer’s luscious images. The next best thing to being there! And if I’m enjoying them then I’m certainly thinking there’s a good possibility you will, too! For starters, the dreamy image above that’s inspiring me to consider some tweaks to Parterre’s gardens.

Shropshire, England. Photo Credit: @wollertonohg
Saint Victor La Grand’ Maison, France. Photo Credit:

If you haven’t succumbed to the World of Instagram you might decide to reconsider…the wealth of talented photographers (most of them non-professional) out and about is awe-inspiring. That one simple app can open your eyes to visions you could not have imagined.

Château de Chambord, France. Photo Credit: @isrhaul
Wardington Manor, Oxfordshire, England. Photo Credit: @clivenichols
Somerton, Oxfordshire, England. Photo Credit: @thesnappyben

Especially in these times when the wanderlust bug is affecting us all. There’s nothing quite like recalling travel memories from the past — the smell, the tastes, the different language, the people’s gestures, the funny incidents along the way — unless it’s a ticket in hand!

Château de Maintenon, France. Photo Credit: @moimarithe
Château de Balleroy, France. Photo Credit: @christopherfilippidis

Places to dream about, to be enchanted by, to be fascinated with…all part of the lure of “foreign destinations.” Second to gathering with friends, I truly think the experience that we’ve all missed the most through this past challenging year is that of travel.

Stourhead Gardens, Wiltshire, England. Photo Credit: @acquadiartem
The Pavillon Frais at Versailles, France. Photo Credit: @acquadiartem

So as you scroll through these yummy images, give mind space to that exhilarating question…what are your travel dreams?

Château de Flaugergues, France. Photo Credit: @christopherfilippidis
Pettifers, Oxfordshire, England. Photo Credit: @clivenichols
Valkenburg, Limburg, Netherlands. Photo Credit: @christopherfilippidis

Then, as a current American Airlines ad reminds us, “Pack your bags! You’ve got places to go.”

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7 thoughts on “Places to Go, People to See!

  1. Wonderful posting! Makes me want to jump on a plane!!! Thank you for fulfilling my wanderlust!

    1. So happy my post inspired your response! Wanderlust is a wonderful thing…xB

  2. You chose fabulous photos of places to visit! Celebrating the passion of visionary landscape designers everywhere!
    Happy Thursday to you 🙂

  3. And not to missed gardens with its Michelin star dining is Hambleton Hall , Rutland, UK
    Take a peek at

  4. Wow!!!
    What inspiration!
    I hope Newport is up and running soon! It’s been far too long!!
    Rick Marchand

    1. Newport looks like it’s been and up running since April!! It promises to be a busy summer…xB

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